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Methyl Bromide Destruction from Soil


Soil Emissions from field scale methyl bromide fumigations can be removed by venting the emissions from under impermeable films to a portable scrubber. In this example, methyl bromide has been "broadcast" into the soil and covered with a tarp. 

 Value Recovery has demonstrated this approach to scrubbing methyhl bromide on a small scale in a USDA sponsored research project (SBIR # 2005-33610-15474) where it was shown in a model system (4ft long and 1 ft diameter) that the desorption rate of methyl bromide from the soil governs the overall time it takes to come to complete removal.   A tarp was spread over farmland in New Jersey and fumigant air from under the tarp was removed in a controlled manner without collapsing the tarp.  The air withdrawal rate was great enough to remove the methyl bromide yet slow enough to prevent collapse of the tarp since provision was made for make up air to enter the tarp on the opposite end from where it was withdrawn.


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