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Value Recovery, Inc.

525 Route 73 North, Suite 104

Marlton, New Jersey  08053


President:  Peter Joyce

Tel:  1.856.982.5553


email:  pjjoyce@valuerecovery.net

We publish in peer reviewed journals and make presentations at international scientific meetings.

The name Value Recovery comes from the start of the company, in 1999, when we developed and patented technology for removing anions, waste chemicals, from chemical plant streams thus recovering their value by converting them into saleable chemicals.  The class of chemicals used to react with anions is alkyl halides.  The alkyl halide is used as scavangers to react and separate these low concentration anions from plant wastewater.  Our scrubbing technology, however, was developed from inverting this process and reversing the functions of the two streams.  Thus we invented a process based on a concentrated anion stream (thiosulfate) to react and destroy an alkyl halide - methyl bromide.  This effort came about when we were asked to remove  the methyl bromide after it was used to destroy anthrax.