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Methyl Bromide Emissions Controls for Containers

Major Cost Savings

We have recently designed systems for container fumigation that allow for collection of methyl bromide on carbon in 55 gallon drums. Each container will adsorb the methyl bromide from a fumigation in the aeration step and this allows the container, after appropriate review of OSHA residual ppm thresholds, to be shipped to the customer. 

The 55 gallon drums containing the methyl bromide are then trucked* to a a central regeneration facility for removal of the methyl bromide  via treatment with warm air.  After treatment, the drums are now free of methyl bromide and now available for another fumigation. 

In this approach, the 55 gallon drums are used over and over again, similar to the much larger installations in Florida and California.  The difference is that the scrubber can be located anywhere with reasonable transportation distance that we calculate to be about 250 miles. 

This is much cheaper than sending the carbon out for replacement since the same carbon is re-used and fresh or "new" carbon replacement is NOT required.

*  Note that DOT regulations must be followed for this application that requires documentation of the source of the methyl bromide fumigation along with shipping details to and from the central regeneration facility.


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