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Fumigation Emissions Controls
Small Chamber Fumigation
Emission Controls for Small Systems



Containers or chambers containing methyl bromide laden air of 5,000 cubic feet or less that have been used to destroy insect pests -  are scrubbed directly by sweeping fresh air into the container and then forcing that air through a blower and into our scrubber where the methyl bromide is destroyed.  Small chamber fumigation volumes are small enough so that an intermediate carbon adsorption step is not needed. 



Methyl Bromide is a potent fumigant.  When it is used with emissions controls that protects bystanders and the ozone layer then the user can be assured of proper environmental stewardship when fighting unwanted insect pests.     Ours is a comprehensive engineered system where we recommend using a very potent fumigant - methyl bromide - and then clean it up after use by using our proprietary methyl bromide scrubbing system. 






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